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  • 12 seats
    12 Seats Golf Cart
  • 4 seats
    4 Seats Golf Cart
  • 8 seats
    8 Seats Golf Cart
  • Abs-Locker
    Abs Locker

    1 tier – 6 tier locker is available

  • Link-51-XL-Pallet-Racking-System
    Adjustable Pallet Racking

    The classic among racking system. Suitable for large quantities of individual mainly palletized article. Features:…

  • articulated-forklift
    Articulated Forklift

    Capacity: up to 1.5 ton Lift Height: up to 11 m Features: • Doesn’t require…

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    AS/RS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System)

    Improve control over Inventories  and Customer service. Features:   1.Maximizing available storage space in existing structures, avoiding…

  • automatic small parts storage
    Automatic Small Parts Storage

    Top performance in Warehouses. Features: • Short picking time • High through put performance •…

  • backery convection oven
    Bakery Convection Oven:

    Features: 1. Capacity : 600×400mm×5Trays 2. Adjustable blower fun levels for optimal results. Running without…

  • Backery Deck oven
    Bakery Deck Oven

    Features: 1. Number of Cooking Cabinet:3, Steam connection :15A 2. It uses its own temperature…

  • cantilever crane
    Cantilever Crane

    Range: 1 ton up to 25 tons in single and double girder version. Features: •…

  • cantilever-photo
    Cantilever Racking

    For long goods of any type, Heavy and small to large quantities are stored in…

  • Rack_Clad_Warehouse
    Clad Rack Structure

    Storage in all dimensions. Features: • Heights up to 40m achievable • Utilization of storage…

  • climb trolley
    Climb Trolley

    Features: 1. Loading Capacity : 180kg-200kg 2. Powder coated finishing  

  • FEFS259TD_2
    Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

    Features: 1. Oil Capacity(L):25 With Timer and Damper 2. Easy operation but powerful deep fryer.…

  • diesel forklif1t
    Diesel Forklift

    Capacity :(1-10) ton. Lift Height: 3m-6m Features of Diesel forklift: 1. Total cost of fuels…

  • Double Scissor Lift Table

    Features: 1. Valuable material handling equipment for use as a feeling table on assembly line.…

  • p
    Double-Deck Cantilever Type

    Features: 1.    Sideways-moving and lifting cantilever type parking system 2. Driven directly by motor speed…

  • 6. Drive In Pallet Racking_resize
    Drive in System

    Compact storage system Features: • Easy to expand • Particularly suitable for the storage of…

  • pl3245916-5000mm_drive_through_pallet_racking_blue_orange_industrial_metal_shelving
    Drive Through Racking

    Mainly used for order picking work. Features: • Fewer racking aisles • Continuous reserve zones…

  • 562
    Drum Trolley
  • e.o.t
    E.O.T (Electric overhead travel)

    Range: Double girder and single girder E.O.T cranes up to 500T capacity. Features: 1. Easy…

  • FERC18_99_2
    Electric Auto Rice Cooker(multifunction type):

    Features: 1. Number of Rice Pans:3, Cooking Capacity (kg/ Batch):2.8~18 2. Electric type enhances its…

  • electric forklif1
    Electric Forklift

    Capacity: (1-3) ton. Lift Height: 3m-6m Features of Electric forklift: 1. No emission. 2. Low…

  • 1078788_857749_b
    Electric Lift Table

    Features: 1.Valuable material handling equipment for use as a feeling table on assembly line. 2.…

  • electric pallet truck1
    Electric Pallet Truck

    Load capacity: up to 2.5 ton Features: 1. Loading and Un loading 2. Platform

  • electric stacker1
    Electric Stacker

    Capacity: Up to 2 ton Lift Height: 1.6m-6.5m Feature: • Versatile Stacker, useful in almost…

    Fish Bin and Trolley

    Features: 1.Fish bin is used to store fish and other marine products. 2.We can produce…

  • gantry_crane
    Gantry Crane

    Range: Capacity up to 130 Ton. Features: 1. Can be used where overhead runways are…

  • hand pallet truck
    Hand Pallet Truck

    Load Capacity: up to 3 ton Features: 1. Horizontal transport 2. Loading and Un loading

  • u
    Hanging Rack

    Available in many sizes and colors as per client’s requests.

  • Heavy-Duty-Pallet-Racking
    Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

    Optimum access to any article. Made by wood and steel for storage. Features: • Immediate…

  • manual stacker
    Manual Stacker

    Capacity: up to 2 ton Lift Height: 1m-3m Features: • An economical lift to handle…

  • pics_mezzanine06L
    Mezzanine Platforms

    Additional storage space in existing buildings. Self supporting walk on steel construction. Features: • Extension…

  • mobile-pallet-rack-layout_increase-capacity
    Mobile Racking

    Optimum space utilization with variable working aisle. It is mounted on motorized mobile bases. Features:…

  • narrow aisle racking
    Narrow Aisle Racking

    This is the giants among multi position racking system and used where space is limited.…

  • 174b1
    Order picker

    Load Capacity: up to 2.5 tons Picking Height: up to 12.5 m Features: 1. Order…

  • 1421936509061
    Pallet Live Storage

    Excellent space utilization for fast in fast out method. Features: • Optimized filling ratio •…

  • pallet wraping machine
    Pallet Wrapping Machine

    Features: 1. Automatically cuts film at end of wrap cycle. 2.Convenient photo eye – Allows…

  • Presentation2
    Plastic Bin/Container

    Various model and size are available.

  • Pallet
    Plastic Pallet

    Plastic pallets used for various purposes

  • platform_trolley_iron_steel_stainless_aluminum_plastic
    Platform Trolley

    Features: Loading Capacity: 100kg-300kg Wheel size 4″ -5″

  • Push back racking
    Push Back Racking

    Suitable for storing medium quantities of the same articles. Features: • Optimized filling ratio •…

  • reach truck1
    Reach Truck

    Load Capacity: 1.2 to 2.7 ton. Lift heights up to 12.5m. Features: • High-performance mast…

  • 735-a-188-400
    Reach-in Refrigerator

    Features:   1.Outstanding in energy saving and environmental friendly design. 2.Cooling unit is equipped with…

  • Semi-Electric-Stacker-with-Straddle-Leg
    Semi Electric Stacker

    Capacity: up to 1 ton Lift Height: 1.2m to 3.1 m Features: • Light, maneuverable…

  • 2
    Simple LiftingType

    Features: 1.One deck for two cars,simply moving up and down and Extremely low failure rate…

  • single position racking
    Single Position Racking

    It is particularly suitable with large quantities per article and heavy goods. Features: • Direct…

  • DG01-DG03
    Stationary Lift Table

    Features: 1.Capacity : Up to 1 ton 2.Lift Height: Maximum 12mm 3. Designed for industrial…

  • steel-locker
    Steel Locker

    1 tier – 6 tier locker is available.

  • Presentation1
    Storage Cage and Stillage

    Features: 1.Storage cage and stillage are used to store goods in warehouse widely. 2.We can…

  • storaage
    Storage Type

    Features: 1.Diversified and integrated system , easy to design, saving space, low investment, low construction…

  • jk
    Three-Deck Cantilever Type

    Features: 1.Brand new lifting transmission theory and safety idea. 2.No front posts, convenient for vehicle…

  • Presentation1
    Tower Type

    Features: 1. Allowing high density parking. 2. Moderate space taking, low power consumption. 3. Frequency…